4X4 Voter

A voter who has voted in the last four elections, both primary and general.

Absentee Ballot (AKA “early ballot”)

A vote cast by someone who is unable or unwilling to attend the official polling station. It is different from PEVL or Early Ballot.


Arizona Democratic Party, the umbrella organization for Democrats in Arizona.


American Legislative Exchange Council – a group that promotes right-wing laws and candidates.

Arizona List

A PAC that supports pro-choice, Democratic, female candidates.

Campaign Finance Laws

Federal, State and local laws controlling how candidates collect and spend money.


An organized walk contacting voters on behalf of candidates or propositions.


A group with something in common, such as being veterans, Hispanic, labor union member, or having a disability, formed to promote issues important to that group.


Congressional District, a district represented by a Member of Congress. Arizona has 9. They are revised every ten years following the national census. Pima County has parts of three CDs.

Center for Arizona Progress

A group promoting right-wing legislation and candidates.

Citizens United

A Supreme Court decision that lets PACs and IECs spend vast funds on elections without disclosing the source.

Clean Elections

A system that provides campaign money to state candidates under specific conditions. Candidates who collect a minimum number of $5 donations quality for state funds.

Coordinated Campaign

A campaign organized by a state or county party that helps numerous candidates.


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a national group that promotes Democratic National Congressional candidates.


Democratic National Committee, the national umbrella group for Democrats.


Democratic Governors’ Association, a national group formed to support Democratic governors and issues important to Democrats at the state level.


Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a national group that promotes Democratic U.S. Senate candidates.

Early Voting

A system allowing voters to cast ballots early either by mail or at early voting sites.

Federal Only Voter

A voter who lives in Arizona, but cannot prove citizenship to qualify as a voter under Arizona law. As a result of a Supreme Court decision, the voter does qualify to vote for federal candidates without proof of citizenship, but not for state or local candidates under the Arizona law.

Field Organizer

An individual, typically paid by a campaign or the organization, who is responsible for recruiting, managing and coordinating volunteers, assigned to a specific geographical area. They are responsible for managing volunteer training and recruitment, voter registration, absentee and early voting programs and voter contact programs such as phone banks and canvasses (volunteer and paid). Also has the responsibility for execution of the field plan in their assigned region, and management of data collection and entry into the VAN. Reports to the field director.

Frequent Voter

Some who have regularly voted in recent elections.

General Election

The election on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.


Get Out The Vote, an organized effort to increase voter turnout in an election occurring during the 4 days prior to the General election or the start of early voting, includes election day.

Independent Expenditure Committee (IEC)

A group formed to directly advocate for or against a candidate or issue. IECs must be independent of the candidate.


Legislative District. A district that is represented by one senator and two representatives in the State Legislature. Arizona has 30 LDs that are revised every ten years following the national census. Pima County has all or portions of seven LDs.

No-Party Voter

A voter who did not declare a political party when he/she registered to vote. Also called “Independent” or “Other.” In Arizona, they may vote in party primaries by requesting a ballot for a specific party at election time.


Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America) – a Democratic group that promotes Democratic issues and ideals.

Organizing Meeting

A meeting held every two years, as required by state law, at which new state or county party officers are elected and a platform
is adopted.


Political Action Committee, an organization that pools money from donors to help elect candidates, propositions, issues.


Precinct Committeeperson, a volunteer elected or appointed to work for the Party in a specific precinct.


Pima County Democratic Party, the umbrella party organization for Pima County.


The way to qualify candidates or propositions for elections by collecting a required number of signatures. Different from an unofficial or online petition.


Permanent Early Voting List, whereby voters may choose to receive their ballots by mail.

Phone Bank

An organized project to phone voters. In Pima County, most often done on The Dialer, a computer-based device making it easy to call many people.


The basic principles that all Democrats support.

Political Party

In Arizona recognized parties are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Americans Elect. All other parties come under the category of “Other.”


The smallest political unit established under state law. The Board of Supervisors may change the number and sizes of precincts at any time.

Precinct List (AKA Walk List)

A list of voters made using VAN for the purpose of contacting voters.

Presidential Preference Election

A non-binding election held in presidential election years at the discretion of the political parties. Presidential Preference Election is the only election limited to members of the relevant political party.

Primary Election

An election held in August in which parties choose their candidates.


A Proposition is a ballot item that changes a state law or part of the state constitution. These may be initiatives (new laws) or referendums (changes to existing law).


A declaration passed by a vote of the State Committee or County Executive Committee regarding an issue.


A group of candidates who run together.

State Committee

An organization formed under state law that includes people elected from every county and LD who elect state officers and conduct other business.

Swing Voter

A voter who votes for candidates from more than one party.


Voter Activation Network (VAN), a computer database for targeting voters.